Hair Coloring Ideas Will Inspire You To Go To The Salon

Great hair color with pale skinned woman 1 full

Hair coloring ideas: hair dye has become a habit as natural and normal as nail. So it is no wonder that most women not only dye their hair but choose to follow trends in this regard and even opt for spectacular colors. This summer, the main trends are defined by bright colors, cheerful, discoloration and gradients. Surely you will find inspiration among trends in hair coloring for summer 2013:


Ombre hair style painting stormed the fashion since last year, and remained in trend especially in the villagers. Therefore, if you are bored of the usual shades of brown, and want to give your hair a higher mark solar nearest beauty of summer, try ombre gradient: half of hair (from root) must be brown, down with shades of increasingly open to the peaks to straw blond.


An interesting mix between shades of red with shades of blonde, strawberry blonde seems to be increasingly loved, successfully replacing the classic blonde we used to. Although it is difficult to maintain, this hair coloring has an exceptional quality that makes it worth taking into account: it cannot go unnoticed. So if you want to be the center of attention, if you want your hair to be truly feminine and sensual, this is the right hair coloring.

Natural lightening

When summer comes, our hair, touched more often and more intensely from sun fade. Natural appearance resulting from this process is replicated in hair salons, respecting the idea of ??naturalness, especially when it comes to shades of blonde and brown. Lightened locks that although visible, do not seem at all artificial, on the contrary, give hair exactly the appearance of “sun kissed”.

NATURAL redhead

In summer light colors are best suited for hair and warm colors are more beautiful, especially when intense sparkle in the sun. Redhead in no longer wear cool shades, instead it welcomes the redhead in natural colors, providing a great intensity of color, and that looks great on any hair type, be it straight, curly or very curly. In terms of skin colors, this paint is ideal for women with white skin as protelan.

This shade will be harder to match the daily outfits. Avoid pieces red, pink or orange and capitalizes on the green, yellow or purple.

Shades of CARIOCA

Intense or pastel colors seem crazy when chosen for our own hair. Not lately, when pencils were transferred shades in hair salons or hair products dedicated to painting. Whether you like delicate shades of pink, lilac or blue or intense shades of blue, red or green, you know that you can choose mascaras, hair clips with colored stripes or Crayola paints. Any choice you make, certainly in par crayon shades will provide optimism and attitudes necessary for a summer incendiary.

Therefore, summer choose to be joyful, jovial, optimistic and bring color and sensuality sun and your hair. Trends most exciting summer offers hair coloring ideas that surely will convince you that it is time to call for a change, and the talents of a hair stylist.