Hairstyles For Curly Hair

Curly hair – it’s a miracle of nature, rebellious, funny, playful, such attractive. If correct installation they will decorate any image.

Famous actress and singer has repeatedly used on the red carpet, in music videos and concerts curls as a component of image. Suffice it to recall r’n’b-diva Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Rihanna.

We offers and you owners of curly hair experiment a bit and pick up a few trendy and simple pilings. You just a little skill and conventional styling tools.

Short hairstyles for curly hair

Short curly hair – it’s always the original hairstyle. Your main task, to keep its shape.


Short curly hair just needed a regular correction in master barber. Regrown in time even trim the ends, you will ensure your mane neat and attractive appearance.


“Tames” short curly hair is much more difficult long – they are stronger pushatsya, bristle. Therefore, drying hair, use a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment, to the curls look more structurally.

Do not forget about the styling tools. Spray or mousse to make curls curls more elastic and resistant. If you want to separate the individual curls (for example, a person), just before drying tighten them with your fingers and blow dry hair dryer in that position.

Hairstyles for long curly hair

Long curly hair initially look much provocatively than short – under its own weight, they just straightened and look like a neat spring. However, stack them as short, is a must.

Casual styling

To wash hair, apply mousse or cream curls. If instead of these tools take advantage of the gel, you get the effect of wet curls. Lightly squeeze the strands toward the roots to form natural curls. Dry your hair with a diffuser, treating each strand of attachment. At the end of stacking neatly divide the curls with your fingers and sprinkle hair lacquer. As a result, you will get light and airy curls, which, however, will keep the shape perfectly. Roughly, like Sarah Jessica Parker.


Very popular among owners of styling curly hair. However, the conventional tail can be interesting and original.


Carefully comb washed and dried hair. Collect them in a high tail so that the head does not form a “cock” and it was smooth (for fidelity apply a drop of serum smooths) and fasten a rubber band. Strands to screw the tail curling or curlers that they are clear and separate. Finally, run the tail comb with a few teeth or fingers, and sprinkle her hair lacquer. The tail on the side Make everyday hair styling, as described above. Gather hair into a low ponytail rubber band and snap it on the side. On both sides to take strands and wind them on a finger. Secure the hair lacquer.

The tail on the side

Make everyday hair styling, as described above. Gather hair into a low ponytail rubber band and snap it on the side. On both sides to take strands and wind them on a finger. Secure the hair lacquer.


Incredibly popular hairstyle from childhood perfectly accentuate natural “Kucheryavykh” hair.

To wash hair, apply smoothing cream. Dry your hair with a diffuser Take a section of a person, twist them into bundles and secure at the back or invisible clasp. Sprinkle hair lacquer.

Plaits and braids for curly hair


Fashion braid and weave a very organic look on curly hair and create a natural effect of negligence popular this year. In addition, curly hair braids to last longer than the lines.


Pre-washed and dried hair is divided into two equal parts. On each side take on the same locks and shift it to the middle. If you want casual ear, a little pull in opposite strands in a braid. Attach elastic braid or ribbon. Secure the hair lacquer or other sprays to commit.


This is, perhaps, the only hairstyle in which stray curls look stylish ideas.

For those new hairstyle is quite complex to implement. But it is worth a little “get hand” and it will run for 5 minutes.

Clean hair parted in two. One part of the clasp or fasten Flip over your shoulder. Others begin to weave: create small strands of braid and whipping her forehead to the nape adding strands of hair from the mainstream. Secure the braid thin invisible rubber band. Free half plait hair the same way. Braided hair pins to connect the back of the head, crossed braids and attaching one end to the base of the other braids. Secure hair spray strong hold.

Spit on his side

Plait braids plain on one side. Secure it with a barrette or a lock of hair, wrap free. Highlight one strand of a person. Fix the varnish.


Hairstyle with twisted bundles – a quick way to transform an evening out.

You can just twist all the hair in small flagella and chaotic secure them on the head studs, and then fix all the hairspray.

Very harmonious look with braids braids – they are very easy to combine with each other, get the original hairstyle and deliberately negligent.

Hairstyles with wiring options for curly hair – weight. All that is capable of your imagination can be embodied in an unusual hairstyle.

It should be noted that the curly hair – very vulnerable. They quickly lose moisture and can be easily damaged, even during normal installation. It is therefore important to carefully look after them. Regularly pamper your curls nourishing balms and revitalizing mask, moisturizing oils, and your curls will be shiny and silky!