Health Benefits of Commuting to Work on an Electric Bike

Commuting to Work with an Electric Bike

Our society is geared towards using cars for transportation. Cars are so easy to use for travel and they give a sense of independence. Our culture of cars is nothing new but some new studies show that incidence of disease has increased and overall level of health has declined among our fellow citizens. This is not solely the result of inactivity due to driving instead of cycling however. Our diets and activity level in general directly correlate to good health. In an ideal world, we could all achieve fitness through commuting to work on a bicycle. Sometimes the distance required to make it to the office is longer than we would feel comfortable cycling. This is where using an electric bicycle is a great alternative for travel because distance is an easy hurdle to be overcome. There are many benefits to be had from commuting to work using an electric bike among others including financial and environmental benefits. We will focus on the most important benefit, the benefit of fitness and health.

Imagine rolling up to work on your electric bike refreshed and ready for the day, already with a workout under your belt. You guarantee yourself a minimum of two workouts a day which is great because the time you would have spent sitting in your car is transformed into time devoted to exercising your body.

  • Cycling outdoors introduces the element of fresh clean air. Your lungs get filled with this and oxygenates your blood. This is great for alertness and invigoration. Your body is also exposed to sunshine and its benefit of stimulating vitamin D production.
  • Your chance for heart disease is cut down by cycling. Aerobic exercise achieved with a commit improves the fitness of our cardiovascular system.
  • Cycling is a low impact exercise. Instead of the pounding the joints with jogging, your ankles, knees and hips operate in a fluid rotation so the joints get worked out and not beat up.
  • When you show up to work and get off your electric bike, chances are you will be in a relaxed state of mind. Cycling is refreshing and beyond that, there is much less stress from traffic jams.
  • Your stamina is improved when cycling. If your commute is short, you can challenge yourself to go faster or supplement on the weekends with longer distances to improve your endurance. After a while you will be able to ride stronger and for longer distances.
  • Your balance and coordination gets improved as well. These skills are beneficial to have especially when we become older.
  • Weight loss is a great side effect to cycling. There is no way to avoid burning calories, even on an electric bike.
  • Muscle strength and flexibility is a great health benefit as well. When a body is optimized through fitness it is less prone to injury, and again, this is even more important as we age. When we increase muscle mass or tone our muscles, we can then burn more calories as we sit in our office during the day. Larger muscles burn more calories at rest than smaller muscles.

So think twice before dismissing the idea of commuting to work on a bike because your office is too far away or you are dreading that massive hill on the route. If you get an electric bike, hills will be no obstacle. An electric bike grants you the opportunity for power on demand, so you have no excuse to drive because its easier. An electric bike gives you the option to work as hard or as little as you want. So beyond the health benefits of cycling, an electric bike allows you to stay consistent with a workout schedule, because we all have days where we don’t feel up to the challenge.