How To Wear The Long Skirt And Maxi Skirt At Any Time Of Day

Summer 2012 brought to public attention a lot of trends feminine and attractive. But perhaps the most beautiful trend that stands out among the rest is represented bylong skirts and maxi skirt. Over the past years, long skirts and dresses were mainly devoted to special events, parties of the year, banquets, weddings, etc..However, many women still avoid wearing maxi skirts just because they do not know how to blend in at different times of day.

Here are some proposals for a matching long skirt.

Casual Long Skirt style

Casual outfits are easy to build. You only need a top, light and comfortable shoes and a summer skirt, made of thin, easy to wear, possibly with a cheerful print. You can accessorize interesting outfit with a belt, a bracelet or watch, but you avoid the look crowded with too many accessories. A casual bag or envelope maxi perfect for a casual outfit that includes the long skirt.

Held boho-chic maxi skirts

One style is boho celebrity favorite, the long skirt is almost mandatory. You can choose whole boho-chic outfit or choose some that stand out just a few boho influences. Choose a flared maxi skirt with prints. Your attire should be based on Earthy colors, pastels or floral prints. Key materials are knitted large mesh, lace or natural materials and details that make the difference are the main fringes and flounces. A postman bag type is mandatory in a boho outfit and a wide-brimmed hat you ideally complements the look.

Long skirt outfits worn rock chic

If you prefer to have your outfits and personality to stand out, rock chic style is perfect for you. Especially as this summer designers have promoted enough. The combination of jeans and black shirts or leather jackets are so common that almost no attention. A reinterpretation of rock style with long skirt will certainly be interesting, especially because of the endless possibilities of matching. A uni skirt, one with a single or a print in a neon color will look perfect with a top in a neutral color and a thin jacket of leather or imitation leather, black or gray. Keep in mind, however, temperature and wear such outfit in cooler evenings or instead opt for a leather jacket. If you have a long skirt with an interesting print or a special fabric, you can combine them with simple tops, plain, dark shades and you can fill rock outfits with accessories: wide metal bracelet, a wide leather belt, a necklace statement or a clutch of targets. Obviously, not all at once.

Maxi skirt worn as smart casual outfits

What are you wearing when you go out with friends, boyfriend or colleagues in your spare time and want to attract all eyes? Also a maxi skirt you can provide a dramatic look. Choose a maxi skirt that is distinguished by an interesting cut, a combination of transparent materials, an original print or a bright color and matching it with a neutral top and accessories as simple as maxi skirt to remain the focus of the outfit. If you prefer, you can choose a more daring outfit, which combines other trends of the season: try color blocking outfit or a combination of different prints, but make sure your look is flawless.

Long skirt at work

Many women are not obliged to follow a dress code at work, so the only rule that must not deviate is decent. If you’re free to wear any outfit, this summer you can try combinations with long skirts. Avoid skirts of transparencies and prints too crowded. Opt instead for plain or printed skirts discrete. No need to avoid bright colors because they can be “good” if intelligent matching. To ensure that your look keeps a note office, long skirt with a shirt combines simple white or a neutral top, sweater and a jacket. Opt for a classic handbag and jewelry with elegant choice for the whole outfit to be balanced.

Maxi skirt for special occasions

Long time, when attending a special event, women opted for classic corset dresses for veils satin material loaded and so is lost in the crowd of similar dresses. In recent years the situation has changed and evening attire is perceived differently, often choosing the outfit simple but at the same time, more elegant! An outfit consisting of a long skirt and a top can be perfect if you follow some simple rules. You can choose either a maxi skirt with an interesting print or a strong color, with ruffles, draperies and other interesting details, which to wear a top , with a simple cut or a skirt with minimalist design, which was an interesting pairing with a top that stands out is through a special cut, either by a special material. An elegant envelope and some statement jewelry are all you need to complete the outfit.