Why Crease Protectors for Air Jordan 1 Are a Must-Have Accessory for Sneakerheads

Jordan Brand’s new Air Jordan 1 sneakers are already making waves in the sneaker world with their striking all-red uppers , and we predict that these kicks will be a must-have accessory for sneakerheads . But aside from looking stylish, the AJ1 also has a neat feature called ” crease memory .” This tech allows the wearer of the shoe to fold and crease the shoes without them losing their shape .

But with so many people planning to get these shoes , it’s essential that you know how to fold and crease the shoes properly to avoid damaging them .

For that reason , we’re sharing everything you need to know about crease protectors for Air Jordan 1. Read on to learn more about this innovative technology and how you can care for your kicks appropriately .

What Are Crease Protectors for Air Jordan 1 ?

Crease protectors are special stickers or sticker-like accessories that you can put on your kicks to protect them during folding. They come in different designs and colors and usually cost anywhere between $2 and $10 each .

These protectors are just meant to keep your kicks from getting folded or damaged when you fold them , and they don’t do anything to prevent the shoes from creasing or deforming in the first place. However, some crease protectors come with adhesive so you can stick them on your shoes permanently .

Why Are Crease Protectors for Air Jordan 1 Necessary ?

If you’re anything like us , you’re probably looking forward to owning the Air Jordan 1s when they drop in January 2020. Sadly, these sneakers won’t be available to buy in retail stores until sometime next year. So if you’d like to get a pair now, you’ll need to buy them online. But if you plan on buying your kicks online, you should know that most online stores won’t give you creases protectors for free .

These protectors aren’t expensive to begin with, so there’s no reason for their manufacturers not to charge for them. Furthermore, you won’t even need them to keep your kicks from getting bent out of shape if you fold them carefully , so we recommend skipping the crease protector altogether .

How to Use Crease Protectors for Air Jordan 1

If you’re planning on using your crease protectors to keep a pair of new Jordans from creasing or deforming after folding , it’s best not to use them on used sneakers at all. Doing so will cause damage to the shoes and will void the warranty as well .

If you don’t mind getting your creases messed up by folding your new kicks before wearing them anyway , here’s how you should put them on:

  • To keep your kicks from getting folded and deformed by creasing on them for the first time , avoid folding them like this:
  • Instead , fold your kicks like this:
  • Now save your creases by putting the crease protector on your kicks like this:

Once you’ve done that , fold the sneakers again like you did the first time. Remember to never put the creases on the first fold. Always fold the shoes on their second fold instead .

After you finish folding your new kicks like this , stick the crease protector on the soles of your kicks like so:

Once you’ve put the crease protector in place and stuffed them with tissue paper to keep them from moving around, put your new kicks aside and avoid folding them for at least 24 hours . After a few hours or a day has passed , you can fold them again.

Once you’ve finished folding and creasing your shoes , you can leave your crease protector on until you’re ready to wear them . Then peel it off and throw it away.

Just keep in mind that you should keep the crease protector on only used sneakers because leaving them on used shoes will cause damage .

Crease Protectors for Air Jordan 1 FAQs

Crease protectors for Air Jordan 1 are typically made of silicone or some other soft material . The silicone material offers more flexibility than the hard plastic or vinyl material used in other crease protectors. However , both materials do a good job of keeping your kicks from getting folded or deformed after folding.

However , silicone crease protectors are more susceptible to getting damaged if you step on them or drop them, so you can’t use them on your shoes all the time. The good news is that they’re pretty inexpensive and you can easily replace them if it gets damaged .

Here are some additional FAQs about crease protectors:

Is There a Difference Between Crease Protectors and Shoe Guards?

One thing that separates crease protectors from shoe guards is that crease protectors are meant only to keep creases from forming on your kicks. Shoe guards, on the other hand, keep your feet from getting scratched or scuffed while wearing your kicks.

The other difference is that shoe guards also prevent your shoes from getting dirty or wet. So if you do plan to buy shoe guards to protect your kicks , make sure that they fit tightly around the tops of your shoes . This will help keep your kicks from getting dirty or wet.

Can You Wear Crease Protectors on Other Sneakers ?

Yes , you can definitely use crease protectors on other types of sneakers .

If you want to use crease protectors on other types of sneakers , just look for the perfect crease protector for your sneakers instead. But just like we said earlier, if you need crease protectors to keep your kicks from getting bent out of shape and to keep them from getting dirty or wet, it’s best to skip them altogether .

If you do plan on using crease protectors on other types of sneakers , just keep in mind that they’re only meant to keep your new kicks from getting folded and deformed after you’ve folded them. They won’t do anything to prevent your kicks from creasing or deforming in the first place .